Dear friends of Manchester Social Centre and Subrosa,

We must break the news to you all that Subrosa is to close in three months time and will close officially for the last time on 31st May 2015.

After negotiations with the landlord, a decision was made to activate the break clause in the lease for 27 Lloyd Street South. This was due to the recognition that Subrosa would not be financially sustainable in the near future.

However, this does not mean the end for Manchester Social Centre. After a year in which we have hosted many different events, it is clear that Manchester needs a social centre. Over the past year we’ve hosted film viewings, poetry readings, gigs, meetings and fundraisers, providing a space for environmental campaigners, anti-capitalists of all stripes, members of the LGBTQ community, migrant solidarity groups and independent journalists, amongst others.

We will now focus our efforts on exploring options for a new building and fundraising, with the aim to reopen as soon possible. Although we’ll be sad to see Subrosa close, this is an exciting opportunity for us to move to a building with greater potential to fulfil a wider range of purposes.

We will be holding fundraisers over the coming months, so keep an eye on the website and Facebook for opportunities to give your support or get involved. If you would like to donate to help our efforts towards securing a new space, you can do so by visiting our GoFundMe page:
Until it closes, Subrosa will continue to operate as normal and will be available for event bookings. Rent and bills will still need to be paid, so please do continue to support the space over the next few months.

We would like to thank everyone who has assisted in the development and upkeep of Subrosa since its inception. Whether you’ve volunteered in our kitchen, held events in the space, donated items or funds, done DIY, bought food from us or even just made use of the space: thank you for supporting us over the last year.

Manchester Social Centre


Help Keep Subrosa Open

We’re writing to you all under unfortunate circumstances – currently Manchester Social Centre Subrosa is facing potential closure due to lack of funds and we need to appeal for donations.

Operating as a non-profit and vegan social centre that is staffed and run entirely by volunteers, we have provided a free and accessible space to host many different events since we opened last April. These have included poetry nights, gigs, pub quizzes, fundraisers for other groups and film showings, as well as providing a space for political and community groups to meet on a frequent basis. We have also served many great vegan meals, all at an affordable price.

Despite this, unfortunately we’re currently not raising enough money and we will soon need to decide whether we will have to close. This is due to large costs beyond our control such as rent and very large water and electricity bills that have hit our savings hard – our day-to-day spend is very low thanks to the hard work of our kitchen working group – and we are simply not raising enough money to cover our costs.

In the next two weeks,
 the organising group will need to decide whether to exercise the break clause in the lease on our building and close Subrosa. This decision will be influenced by the amount we can raise in the next two weeks and whether we feel that Subrosa can remain financially viable going forward. Should this course of action be decided, unfortunately we will still need to cover the rent and utilities for the following three months as per our contractual obligations.

If you are able, please consider donating to Subrosa. 

Please share this message and spread the word to anyone you know who would like to see Subrosa stay open. There is clearly a need for a place like Subrosa in Manchester, as the number and variety of great events we have hosted throughout the year has demonstrated. 

Thank you 

Subrosa – Manchester Social Centre

What’s coming up at Subrosa …







Tech Tools for Activism – Day Workshop

The event tries to bring all tech support focused individuals together for networking.





South African Farmers Union Fundraiser

A short film and talk about south african farmers unions followed by bingo!




Otto Gig




Budgie Mcgubligan/Stephen Ballinger/Jess Megson Gig

Three excellent acoustic acts for you at Subrosa.




Palestinian Animal League: Animal Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Learn about the groundbreaking and inspiring work of the Palestinian Animal League (PAL) at a presentation by Executive Director, Ahmad Safi. The talk is part of a two-week visit to the UK focused on raising awareness about the group’s work in the occupied territories.

Anyone interested in animal protection and/or the struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination will find this event informative and, we hope, inspiring!




English as an additional language class

Me and my friend want to offer informal free English classes to anyone who wants to attend.




Very Bon #5

An all day(ish) event with local experimental music from 15:00pm til 11:00pm. Plan on asking local weirdo independent record labels/artist to sell their wares at the venue. Lauren said she may be able to do an intro to radical left politics etc



What’s coming up at Subrosa this week…

LOGOThursday 4th of December – Beat the Bailiffs Workshop
A workshop to learn how to verbally defend yourself, your property and your rights from invasive bailiffs. Will be leading to the start of a Beat the Bailiffs Moss Side campaign.

Friday 5th of December – How We Remember: The Politics of Trans Day of Remembrance
A follow up to the alternative trans day of remembrance which was held in November.

Saturday 6th of December – Green Street Quartet Live at Subrosa
modern jazz quartet
facebook event here:


What’s coming up at Subrosa…


Coming up at Subrosa…


1st of November –

Experimental music night – 8pm
A night of experimental music from Manchester’s finest.
A range of individuals, instruments, influences and styles.
A night not to be missed!



7th of November – Sewing day – 12pm – 2pm
Come along and learn how to do basic alterations and repairs! 1 item per person, bring cotton and tape measure if possible.



7th of November – Pub quiz – 7:30pm
Subrosa’s monthly pub quiz. Pizza for 50p a slice (or more if you’re feeling generous!) and mystery prizes for the winning teams!


And elsewhere in Manchester…


Subrosa: Callout for events!

IMG_1545You may have heard that Subrosa, Manchester’s new Social Centre, is up and running. We’ve already had lots of interesting events including gigs, film screenings, skill shares, discussions and talks – we’d love to have more! Please help us out by circulating this link to your networks, or get in touch if you have an idea for an event you’d like to put on.

You can subscribe to Subrosa’s Shout Out list by sending an email to

Subrosa is a social centre and vegan community cafe in Moss Side run by volunteers. It aims to provide a space where people can meet up and share and explore ideas over a brew and some tasty food. We hope the space will be used to get people thinking and talking about stuff which affects us all: the environment, our society, how we feel, our politics and economics.

It aims to be a place where new ideas can be created and shared openly without any form of oppression. We believe in everyone having an equal say; that communities working together and helping each other is the best way forward.

We are keen for the space to be used for events, and need your help to put the word out, book your events at Subrosa, and help create a vibrant and active social centre. Please forward this email on and get in touch if you would like to host an event at Subrosa, contact details and more info about booking events below.

Looking forward to co-hosting events and creating a great project together!


Subrosa’s crew


 Who are we?

Subrosa is a non-hierarchical member’s co-op and was set up by a group of people who believe in self-organising and want to see a social centre in Manchester. We are mostly based in south Manchester, and are workers, students, unemployed, retired, etc. We are keen for the group to grow and involve more people of any age and skills – take a look at our website if you’d like to get involved

What kinds of events can happen at Subrosa?

Anything really! See our calendar to check out previous events – we want the space to be used so get in touch if you are interested in putting an event on. It’s not an exhaustive list but here are some ideas;


  • Workshops / talks / film screenings
  • Spoken word / poetry / storytelling
  • Fundraisers / Gigs / Open Mic Nights / Quizes / fun stuff– particularly for Fridays and Saturdays, but other nights of the week too! (also get in touch if you are up for hosting a regular night!)
  • Open Meetings / Info events – Subrosa can be a great place to do an open event about your group or campaign and reach new people.
  • Meetings / Study groups / Discussion Groups / Reading Groups (closed meetings would need to be at times when we are not open to the public) – you don’t always need to book if your group is small and you are coming while we are open, check the calendar to make sure it doesn’t clash with another event.
  • Skillshares / Making things
  • Food events – we have a kitchen so this can be used for events when the cafe is not open, or if you are interested in volunteering on an evening & cooking food linked to the event you want to put on that’s also possible
  • A combination of the above or anything you want! We want the space to be used for anything that gets people thinking, talking, singing, shouting, dancing… if you are not sure if your event is suitable just get in touch on


We normally don’t charge for events but we do accept donations to help cover the space costs. If your event is profit making or if you would like to charge on the door please discuss it with us first.

How to book an Event at Subrosa

For info on how to book an event please see our event booking page online.

Facilities & Access

Subrosa is one single open plan space, we also have a kitchen and toilet. There are two steps to get into the space from street level and we have a foldable wheel chair access ramp which can be put out. The toilet has been adapted to be more accessible than it was when we moved in and is spacious with a wide door and a support frame that can be moved over the toilet. It is possible to get into the kitchen with a wheelchair, but the counters are not at an accessible level and the floor is uneven. Please contact us if you would like more information about accessibility or the space.


General info Email: manchestersocialcentre[at]

Events booking email:

Twitter: @mcrsocialcentre


Tel: 07756768126

Please get in touch if you would like more info or if you have an event you’d like to do – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Training this sunday & more volunteers needed at Subrosa!

teapotSubrosa is a new cafe and social centre which can be used for community events, meetings, film screenings, social events & more. We are entirely volunteer run and all our members have an equal say in what we do. Have a read if you are interested in getting involved – we have a volunteer training event on Sunday 1st June so it’s a good time to start! :)

As a non-profit organisation we depend upon the work of volunteers and willing contributors who share our vision. There are many tasks that need undertaking to keep Subrosa going, but by getting involved, you will be joining a network of people passionate about the community and the values of mutual aid and autonomy.

Subrosa is run entirely by volunteers, if you are interested in helping out in the space and doing a shift behind the counter please get in touch! You don’t need any special skills – helping out can be a great way to learn new things (in particular about vegan cakes!) & meet new people. If you are interested please fill in our volunteer form and email it to, or email us your name, contact details and availability.

Sun 1st June
Volunteer Training – open to all!

Subrosa is a social centre in Moss Side that can be used for community events, meetings, workshops and film showings. It’s an entirely volunteer run space where everyone involved has a say in how the space is run.

Come along to this Volunteer Training session if you are interested in getting involved! It’s a volunteer training session open to all, come along if you are interested in finding out more about volunteering behind the counter at Subrosa, or if you are already volunteering but would like to know more about how the space works! We will go through how to use the kitchen equipment, cashing up, information about the social centre, and other bits and pieces.

Coming up this week at Subrosa…

There are lots of exciting events coming up this week at Subrosa:

Wed 28th May
Fascism INC film screening

A screening of a Greek documentary – Fascism INC. The new documentary follows in the footsteps of Debtocracy and Catastroika, which described the causes of the debt crisis, the impact of the austerity measures, the erosion of democracy and the sell-out of the country’s assets.

After the film there will be a group discussion on fascism.

Fri 30th May
Critical Mass comes to Subrosa!

Critical Mass is a monthly bike ride which takes place in Manchester & around the world – every last Friday of the month people cycle out to celebrate the bicycle and reclaim Manchester’s streets with 2 wheels! The ride will start at 6pm in front of Manchester Central Library and will weave around the city with sound systems, fancy dress & bikes of all shapes and sizes, to ride to Subrosa!

At Subrosa at 7:30pm we will show a couple of short films which share stories of the bicycle and social change, and it will also be a chance for people to find out about the social centre. And, of course, there will be yummy vegan food and cake!

​Fri 30th May
Fundraiser gig for Subrosa at Fuel Bar – AUTONOMADS | BLACK STAR DUB COLLECTIVE DJ SET | JPS | PERKIE | £3 suggested donation on the door, all profit goes to Subrosa (note – this one is not taking place at Subrosa! :) )​

Sat 31st May
Western Sahara – Olhares Nomadas

Short film screening – The Third Eye – and discussion.

The Third Eye, part of the project Nomad Eyes as filmed by women from the refugee camp Dajla (Algeria) was part of a workshop which took place for five days during the FlSAHARA (International Festival of Sahara Cinema) 2010.

Sun 1st June
Volunteer Training – open to all!

Subrosa is a social centre in Moss Side that can be used for community events, meetings, workshops and film showings. It’s an entirely volunteer run space where everyone involved has a say in how the space is run.

Come along to this Volunteer Training session if you are interested in getting involved! It’s a volunteer training session open to all, come along if you are interested in finding out more about volunteering behind the counter at Subrosa, or if you are already volunteering but would like to know more about how the space works! We will go through how to use the kitchen equipment, cashing up, information about the social centre, and other bits and pieces.

Pop in any other time when we are open, and don’t forget you can book your events, workshops etc here as well! :)


Subrosa Crew