We Need a Name!


Do you remember that ‘quid’ you lent us… well.. We spent it!!! The public face of Manchester Social Centre has been very quiet for a while now.. but behind the closed doors of a certain few houses in Manchester, some meticulous plotting and planning has been taking place..

We can now confirm that we have waded through a sufficient amount of contractual and legal negotiation, enough to blast MSC into the realm of officialdom! We have signed the lease on a building – it’s 27 Lloyd Street South in Moss Side!

First things first, I think you will all agree that this ‘place’ cannot be called Manchester Social Centre.. One reason being, it reminds us of those meetings that began all those years ago.. In dark basements, dingy pubs, hopes and dreams that were battered in the winds of bureaucracy.. Hmm, so… we need a name, and whats it to be?

We are asking you to come up with a name for this new cafe/radical social centre/insurrectionary hub of actions and ideas.. The suggestions (all greatly appreciated, please! thankyou!) will be documented and we will decide officially next week. Please email manchestersocialcentre(at)gmail.com with suggestions or post them here, we will collect and collate. Cheers!

The lease is signed!

The lease is signed and the building work has commenced! Over the next few weeks we will be building, shifting,moving, making, rewiring, painting, plastering.. You get the idea.. We have a massive list of things that we need, we have budgeted for most of this, but this is a shout to see if we can get any free stuff.. Stuff that you dont need.. Stuff that might be clogging up your basement, attic, hallway..??

If you have any of the following please get in touch (number at the bottom) we can arrange pick up/drop offs. We hope to gather all this stuff over the next few weeks, any items we cant blag or borrow will be bought

Also, open meeting about getting involved in MSC when its up and running will be 18th March… More to come..!

OK here goes, this is a pretty ambitious list.. But.. If you dont ask…!!!

hand wash sink
fridge + freezer
coffee machine type of thing
display counter
stainless steel prep bench
sandwich grill
gas / hob cooker
deep fat fryer
large pots
frying pans and pans set
small plates
Knifes, ladles, grater
measuring jug
potato masher
dustpan and brush, mop and bucket, sweeping brush SET
Tupperware containers (for storage)
weighing scales
mixing bowls
large bin
something to store recycling in
drying rack
salt and pepper pots (for tables)?
wooden spoons
tin opener
washing up bowl
rolling pin
chopping boards (relevant colours)
baking trays
cake tins
casserole dishes
oven gloves
food processor
tea towels

General space
Books for library
large 2014 diary
scissors/ring binders/pens/notepads
carbon monoxide tester
fire alarms/fire blankets
room divider
projector (for films etc)
ashtray for outside
first aid kit
Leaflets, zines, etc Display case

If you can help us out with any of the above, get in touch by ringing 07513666418 or email machestersocialcentre(at)gmail.com