**Manchester Social Centre have been plotting for a while now to get a new space… and have just signed the lease on a building! Watch this space for updates.**

There has been a growing need for a radical community hub in the years since Manchester’s last social centre, The Basement, was closed due to flooding. As the editor of the news sheet Manchester Climate Fortnightly wrote, “There has been a Basement-shaped hole in Manchester’s activism since 2007”.

Manchester Social Centre aims to fill this void by reclaiming space and services within the city and turning it into a ‘corporate free’ sanctuary for the community. We want to create a space for local activity and interaction, enabling groups to hold meetings and events at low cost, for members to share resources, develop and form links with other groups, and providing an accessible means for the people of Manchester to unite and share in positive radicalism.

We are currently looking at properties in central and south Manchester, to create an accessible, accommodating and inclusive centre in the heart of the city.

If you would like more information about our project, please drop us an email (manchestersocialcentre [at] gmail.com).

The group is a non-hierarchical organisation, using consensus-based decision making.

Our aims are:

  • To create a space where different community, campaign and activist groups can meet, organise and share ideas.
  • To promote mutual aid and raise awareness to social and environment issues effecting both the local community and wider world, to tackle the challenges and develop solutions together.
  •  To provide a space which breaks down the barriers between art, music, culture, community organising and political activism in Manchester.

Some of the things the Social Centre could include:

  • – vegan cafe-kitchen
  • – meeting spaces
  • – social space / venue for music, films, arts and community events
  • – DIY innovation hub
  • – radical library / bookshop
  • – bike lockers and maintenance workshops
  • – bar
  • – Freeshop / ethical trader